How to Play Garena Free Fire For PC Without Bluestacks?

June 17, 2021 By Nirmal Saha

Garena Free Fire For PC Without Bluestacks

Free Fire is a survival game developed by 111 Dots Studios and published by Garena. Free Fire is the best survival game present in the market. It is at the top of the gaming industry surpassing even PUBG. A lot of gamers need to download the game on their PCs. It gives you a better experience to play this game on PC. With a large screen, you can enjoy the game better. However, many gamers do not own high-performing PCs. A majority of them have low-key PCs. On these PCs, you cannot download the game with the help of Bluestacks. Then. How to Download Garena Free Fire For PC Without Bluestacks? This article will help you.

Free Fire For PC:

Free Fire was released in 2009. It is developed by 111 Dots Studios. Garena is the company that publishes it. This game soon became a sensation. With over a million players Garena is the most popular Android Royal Battle game.  It starts with you and 49 others on an airplane. You jump off on your preferred start location and land via parachute. Now all you need to do is to survive. In this quest for survival, you need to kill as well. The player that remains at last wins. This game can be played solo, dual, or in a squad.

his interesting and adventurous game which is loved by gamers does not come for PCs. Hence a lot of players started to download Free Fire For PC with emulators. However, not all have high-end PCs that can endure Bluestacks. Now many players are searching for “How To Download Garena Free Fire For PC Without Bluestacks”. It is very simple to download Free fire for PC Without Bluestacks for free. Follow the steps below:

How To Download Free Fire For PC Without Bluestacks For Free

here are various other emulators than Bluestacks, that can help you with the download. One such emulator is the Memu Player. Before diving into Free Fire For PC without Bluestacks for free, “What is an Emulator?”


An emulator is a software that enables your PC to behave like an android. It creates a mirror so that a computer system copies the functioning of the android. Thus enabling Android Apps to download on a PC. Just like Free Fire download for PC.

Free Fire for PC Download  Without Bluestacks For Free:

If you are looking for an emulator lighter than Bluestacks, Memu Player is the answer. It is not only the lighter one but also the faster one as well. It gives you a performance like never before. The Memu Player is the best emulator for low-end PCs. You can easily install it on your PC and use it to download Garena Free Fire For PC Without Bluestacks. Given below is a guide to complete the process:

  • Search for the Official Memu Player Site. Once found, go to the download tab and click it. This will download the executive setup file on your PC.
  • The executive file will take a few moments to download.
  • Once downloaded click and install the Player on your PC.
  • his process too will take time. You need to wait with patience.
  • Once installed, Open the Memu player.
  • You will find that all the android applications are now within your reach.
  • You can easily download the Free Fire For PC without Bluestacks for free.

Hence if not Bluestacks, Memu player will do your work. This is the fastest and the most performance-prone emulator. This is the best for low-end PCs and will easily download Free Fire for PC without an emulator.

his was a simple and quick answer to the “How to Download Garena Free Fire For PC Without Bluestacks”. Follow the steps above and you will be able to download the free fire for PC very easily within seconds.

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