Best Gun In Free Fire: Does MP40 the Best Assault Rifle In Free Fire?

June 22, 2021 By Nirmal Saha

Best Gun In Free Fire

PUBG ban has made Free Fire the most downloaded and popular game in India.  It has been growing leaps and bounds. The game has a lot to offer including characters, weapons, vehicles, etc. Gun is a very crucial part of a game.  A Gun can make or shake your game. A good gun can get you a step closer to your win. Which is the best gun in Free Fire?

Free Fire has a lot of guns to offer. It is quite tough to choose the best gun in Free Fire. Here we decided to come to your rescue. Here is the description of the best gun in Fire Fire:

MP40 – Best Assault Rifle In Free Fire

Submachine Gun In Free Fire

MP40 is considered to be the best gun in Free Fire. It is said that if you have MP40 with a GROZA you are undefeatable. You will be knocking out the enemy before they step even a little closer to you. The best part of the gun is that it is free for any play style. It will work the best in any situation. MP40 has a magazine size of 2o. The fire rate is 83! You heard it right! 83! To add to these the rate if reload is 48!

Hence all these features make MP40 the best gun in Free Fire. Grab one and take a step ahead towards victory.

Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack:

Everyone dreams of free gun skins. Since paying can be expensive everyone is looking for Free Fire Gun Skin Hacks and Free Fire Permanent Gun skin hack. The in-game currency to buy guns in Free Fire is diamonds. They are not very easy to get and hence, people look for Free Fire Gun Skin Hacks. To get a permanent gun skin hack for Free Fire is tough. However, we have a way for you:

Free Fire Gun Skin Hack

Here are a few hacks that can get you Free Fire permanent gun skin hacks:

Lulubox App:

This third-party app is to be used at your own risk. It might get your account banned.  How this helps you is that it will unlock all the guns, characters, etc, all for free. You do not have to pay a single penny. This is the best hack for Free Fire Gun skins.

GTP Apps:

There are some applications like Swagbucks and google rewards that pay you to perform simple tasks. These tasks are easily doable. They might ask you to complete a survey or watch a video and they pay you genuinely for the tasks. You can use these apps and earn extra money. Utilise this money to buy extra diamonds. These diamonds can get you Free Fire Gun skins. This is the most absolute permanent hack for Free Fire Gun Skins.

In-Game Tournaments:

Free Fire organizes tournaments every now and then. By participating in these tournaments and winning, you can real money. This extra money can always be used to buy new skins.

These were the best permanent hacks to get Free Fire Gun Skins. Following these will get you Free Gun skins!

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